Free single 4 now: "Filibuster" c​/​w "Wearing Out My Welcome"

by Serene Dominic

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Track 1 from the album "For Your Extreme Convenience." released 01 September 2014

Track 2 is available no where else but here for a limited time only. Left off of "Speculation" album for all the wrong reasons.


released September 13, 2014

All instruments and vocals by Serene Dominic. Recorded in The Green Room Feb, 2013 and February 2014..



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Track Name: Filibuster (free single)

Call another meeting, get everybody involved
Talk and talk and talk but nothing ever gets resolved
Wearing me down
Into the ground
Fa fa fa fa la la la la ba ba ba ba ba
Filibuster !

I disagree and try to make sense of it all
Them you accuse me of doing the old stonewall
Cause you love the sound
Of your sputtering mouth
Fa fa fa fa la la la la ba ba ba ba ba
Filibuster !

You blather on like nothing else
Like you’re doing us all favors
Gridlock and dead end still you go on and on
Better pack a lunch, we’re in for the long con
Everyone wants this one
Except for that one
Fa fa fa fa la la la la
ba ba ba ba ba Filibuster !
Fa fa fa fa la la la la
ba ba ba ba ba Filibuster !

© 2014 Serene Dominic for Onus Music.
Track Name: Wearing Out My Welcome
Wearing Out My Welcome
written by Serene Dominic 2013

Did my eyes linger too long?
Exercised my right too wrong?
Are my kisses inadmissible in court?
You keep saying it's time to go
When You know this is your home
Well I guess that I'm wearing out my welcome

In the world of drunken love
Courage comes after "Bottom's up"
Blurry body shapes collide till morning comes
And you go to work
Could you step over me one more time
Cause clearly I'm wearing out my welcome

You don't have to draw me a diagram
But I'll make you cause that's the kind I am

Was it just the whiskey talking?
An excuse to keep you smoking?
You keep poking your lover like I'm not even here
Should I disappear like a magician;s assistant?
Off in the distance wearing out my welcome

Do you want my love or don't you?
Will you take my heart or won't you?
Is this my last chance for talking out of turn?
Should I take my bat and balls and adjourn
Coz it's game over, friend?
And here I am wearing out my welcome