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Pinch Me

from Unnatural Blonde by Serene Dominic

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Serene 20/20 Self-Analysis: “People love to muse about the first thing they would do if they ever came into a lot of money or won the lottery. Before 2009 my answer was always the same, have a home recording studio. I never amassed a fortune either way, but that year, I had a decent enough tax return to buy tax return to buy a good microphone and a used MacBook with Garageband on it and that’s how I recorded Unnatural Blonde, a song cycle based on the 1958 movie classic Vertigo which later became the first musical I ever wrote, Swimming in the Head.

“Since the song is written from the viewpoint of Gavin Elster, the Hitchcock cad who kills his rich wife and inherits all her lazy money, I don’t think it offers any insight into my inner life except I like to see people getting big checks. I actually made one for this video which I use when I occasionally do this song as The Human Torch. People like to take pictures with the Human Torch but they like posing with the Torch and a ginormous check for 10 million dollars even more.”

“I also don’t like to work blue but the cussing on this record made me have to put a Parental Advisory Label on the cover. I think there’s a “Mutherfucker” on the Cast Album of Dark Lullaby. Something about musicals, I guess.”

Song it most closely rips off: “It owes a lot to ‘Mickey’s Monkey” which it samples the Rascals version of for this recording, along with their ‘Do You Feel It.’ You know I do.”


words & music by Serene Dominic 2009

Elster after inquest
My mama always said this blessed day would com,e
When I would get my fuck you money and I’d run
My life will be one long mment in the sun

Somebody pinch me!
This ain’t a dream
I’ve waited for so long
Now now now my time is now
Somebody pinch me

You all were there to see the dominoes fall
Now you won’t be seeing very much of me at all
Mama said take your fuck you money and lay low

Somebody pinch me!
This ain’t a dream
I’ve waited for so long
Now now now my time is…

SPOKEN: C’mon! Is everybody ready? Is everybody ready to help me spend my fuck you money? Fuck you money!

I’m gonna buy me a Lear jet that can stop on a dime
A fur-lined Delorean that goes back in time
So I can kill that wretched woman over and over again
If you wann be my partner in crime and you’re pretty just hop on in
Ahh beep beep toot toot!

Pinch me!
Somebody pinch me!


from Unnatural Blonde, released November 8, 2009
Serene Dominic, Vocals, guitars, tambourine
Kevin Pate - Bass
Everything else: samples


all rights reserved


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